Gravity Alloy Wheels versus Low Pressure Alloy Wheels

Gravity alloy wheels and Low Pressure alloy wheels – what do those terms mean and what exactly does it have to do with alloy wheels? Basically, these are a few of the processes used in the manufacture of alloy wheels. Typically, the most common type of alloy wheel production is the One-Piece Cast Wheel (achieved by pouring red hot molten aluminum into an alloy wheel mold). And the two most employed processes for the manufacture of one-piece cast wheels are gravity-fed and low pressure-fed casting.

Gravity alloy wheel mold production

As the terminology implies, the earth’s own gravity is used to flow or actually pour the hot molten aluminum into the alloy wheel mold. This process is easily the most cost effective and is the preferred method to use when the visual design is more important than the weight or density of the alloy wheel itself. Conversely, because the melted aluminum is just poured into the mold, gravity cast alloy wheels generally require more weight to achieve the same strength as the more densely packed processes like low pressure casting.

Low pressure alloy wheel mold production

This manufacturing method uses positive pressure (an injection process) to force or flow the molten aluminum into the mold. Because this happens at a faster rate than the use of gravity, low pressure casting will produce an alloy wheel which much denser and is thus much stronger. Obviously, there is an increase in the cost of utilizing the low pressure casting process, however the alloy wheel itself has a much better mechanical quality and this far outweighs the slightly higher production costs. Most O.E.M. manufacturers prefer and sell this type of cast alloy wheels.

So how do you choose which process is right for you? It will depend upon your desired results. If you are looking for stunning, eye-catching alloy wheels to complete the overall look of your vehicle, then go with the Gravity Cast Wheels as there are a greater variety of styles and designs. If weight and strength is more of a concern because you are dealing with a performance factor, then you should purchase Low Pressure Cast Wheels for their superior weight-to-strength ratios.

Just remember that which ever casting process you require, Kulcha Wheels has the perfect set for your needs.