Globally Recognized Alloy Wheel Brands

There are literally hundreds of Alloy Wheel brands across the globe. Knowing which ones are the best can require some intense research and reading. Unless of course, you take a few minutes to read this article and therefore save you the time and hassle of an exhaustive internet search. Here are some of the more prominent alloy wheel brands:

Axe Alloy Wheels – produced in Asia, these alloy wheels are considered one of the highest in quality and trend designs in the Alloy Wheels market.

BSA Alloy Wheels – in the alloy wheels business for over twelve years, they have become the leading exporter based in Malaysia of alloy wheels selling to Germany, Italy, England, Japan and Taiwan.

Devil Alloy Wheels – offer its´┐Ż clientele distinct and unique alloy wheels designs and patterns in an array of fitments and sizes.

Lenso Alloy Wheels – a world-renowned leader in the alloy wheels industry, known for high-quality and craftsmanship.

Oxigin Alloy Wheels – the first manufacturer to offer full chrome alloy wheels with a three-year warranty. They offer a unique combination of sporty and elegant that resonates throughout their alloy wheels line.

Wolfrace Alloy Wheels – has been in the alloy wheels manufacturing business for more than thirty years. Pride them selves on being able to offer most any alloy wheels to suit most every vehicle.

Some other distinguishable brands to take note of are: Magline Wheels, Rial Wheels, Titan Racing Wheels, Street Racer Alloy Wheels, Vortex Wheels, Mondello Wheels, Montage Wheels, OZ racing Wheels, TSW Wheels, Antera Wheels, BBS Wheels, Toora Wheels, Kosei Wheels, Eagle Wheels, Oxigin Wheels, RVS Wheels, Suzuka Wheels, Dezent Wheels, Katana Wheels, Voodoo Wheels, Twin Blade Wheels, Drift Wheels, Dotz Wheels, Estoril Wheels, Manik Wheels, Hybrid Wheels, Dare Wheels, Octane Wheels, Nemesis Wheels, Predator Wheels, Ikon Wheels, Kendo Wheels, Kyoto Wheels, Matrix Wheels, Alpina Wheels, Mantis Wheels, Chaos Wheels, Titan Wheels, Asia Tec Wheels