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kulcha dreht sich, Ihre erste Wahl in den Legierungs-Rädern Kulcha Räder ist ein Großverkauflegierungs-Radverteiler, der im Herzen von Asien gegründet wird, beschäftigen wir direkt die Hauptfabriken in der ganzen Region, welche Ihrer Firma die Fähigkeit geben, über 1.000 Entwürfen zurückzugreifen

Alloy Rims

Wholesale Alloy wheels With the increase in the usage of cars these days throughout the world, companies have been facing challenges to provide you with the best possible car around in the market with an affordable price along with performance,


Japanese Wheel Standards and Regulations for the Aftermarket The following information is a basic explanation of wheel testing and marking requirements for the Japanese after market. The JWL and VIA marks are required for all wheels being manufactured for the

The long term effects of the rising raw materials costs in Alloy Wheel Manufacturers

As with any other non-renewable raw material, the rising costs of aluminum will have a major impact on the alloy wheel manufacturing industry. As demand continues to increase, supplies will deplete (as they already are) and manufactures are now trying

Customer Service by Alloy Wheel Manufacturers

The key to any successful business is its ability to service their customers. This was never truer than in the alloy wheel manufacturing industry. In a market riddled with competition and innovation, alloy wheel manufacturers have had to rely on

Changing Alloy Wheel Designs

In today’s age of computer technology, innovative software programs and manufacturing machinery, the burgeoning alloy wheel production is now capable of creating the most unique and cutting-edge designs. Alloy wheels are no longer relegated to the variation of the number

Buy Alloy Wheels from Kulcha Wheels

Customer Service Excellence So why should you use Kulcha Wheels. as an alloy wheel supplier? Not only do we offer the most superior Asian alloy wheels on the market, we provide each client with unequaled customer service and support. This

Why buy Alloy Wheels from Asia

Asking why buy alloy wheels from Asia is like asking why buy anything from Asia? Simple: price and quality. Asian alloy wheel manufacturers can and do produce a product which meets or exceeds all international quality standards at a price

Alloy Wheels Car Modification

Alloy wheels and its development in car modifications is a long and productive history. The first alloy wheels were made from magnesium rather than aluminum (hence the name “Mag Wheels”) and were designed for the racing circuits. However, a critical

Alloy Wheels – Staggered Fitments

When it comes to the terminology of alloy wheels, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of demarcations in existence. Many of which seem somewhat unusual in the words used with some being almost foreign in appearance. On such term