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Gravity Alloy Wheels versus Low Pressure Alloy Wheels

Gravity alloy wheels and Low Pressure alloy wheels – what do those terms mean and what exactly does it have to do with alloy wheels? Basically, these are a few of the processes used in the manufacture of alloy wheels.

Globally Recognized Alloy Wheel Brands

There are literally hundreds of Alloy Wheel brands across the globe. Knowing which ones are the best can require some intense research and reading. Unless of course, you take a few minutes to read this article and therefore save you

Keeping your Alloy Wheels Clean

Everyone knows that gleaming, shiny alloy wheels are the finishing touch to the overall beauty and appearance of their vehicle. No matter how hard you work washing and waxing your car or truck, if you neglect to clean the alloy

Ultra High Performance Tires versus Passenger Cars Tires

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the various tire specifications and structural designs? Why certain types of tires are called “Ultra High Performance” and other called “Passenger Car”? It really is not very mysterious; the fancy monikers

Global Car Manufacturers

After the front grill, what is one of the next things most people will observe on a new car? The alloy wheels! It does not matter who the manufacturer is – Audi, General Motors, Porsche to Ferrari, everyone takes a

Alloy Wheels Fitment Terms

Alloy Wheels Fitment Terms When dealing with alloy wheels it is very important to know and understand the various phrases and terminologies used with regard to alloy wheels and their construction. Without a good grasp of these technical terms, you

Alloy Wheels Standards

How do you know that when you purchase a set of alloy wheels that they are good? In other words, are they really round, will they turn straight or “true” and will they be durable? It may surprise you to

Alloy Wheels – The Finishes Available

Once you have determined which process of alloy wheels cast wheels you need, your next decision is the type of finish you would require. Alloy wheels come in a variety of finishes depending upon the taste and desired effect you

Jantes en aluminium

Kulcha roule, votre premier choix dans des roues d’alliage Les roues de Kulcha est un distributeur de roues d’alliage de vente en gros basé au coeur de l’Asie, nous traitons directement les usines principales à travers la région donnant à

Bordes de Aluminio

Kulcha rueda, su primera opción en ruedas de la aleación Las ruedas de Kulcha son un distribuidor de las ruedas de la aleación de la venta al por mayor basado en el corazón de Asia, tratamos directamente de las fábricas