Alloy Wheels Standards

How do you know that when you purchase a set of alloy wheels that they are good? In other words, are they really round, will they turn straight or “true” and will they be durable? It may surprise you to know that there is a relatively easy way to determine the quality and integrity of a set of alloy wheels – verify the alloy wheels standards or certifications.

Alloy wheels standards include various testing procedures to determine the reliability and quality of any vehicle’s wheel. The following is a list of the most recognised alloy wheels industry standards:

ISO 9001:2000 Certification – International Service Organisation (ISO) is a global collective which set technical standards (testing and qualifications) for several international industries. ISO 9001:2000 is the latest quality management system (qms) for businesses. It basically creates a unique structure, development and implementation of a QMS in order to increase the quality of business transactions, quality and customer satisfaction.

JWL Certification – Japan Light Alloy Wheel (JWL) standard is a certification level instituted by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport which requires that alloy wheels being purchased in Japan, must have the JWL mark on them thus showing the alloy wheels to have passed through a rigorous self-certification process.

VIA Certification – Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA) is a third-party group in Japan which can test and verify whether or not any alloy wheels can meet up to the JWL certification tests.

TUV Certification – Technischer Uberwachungs-Verien (TUV) translates to Technical Examination Association in Germany. This is another third-party testing group which began in Germany and now has locations worldwide. The TUV Certification is the highest performance and durability standard any product can hope to meet. To even be considered for testing, all companies must first be ISO 9001:2000.

Now you know what alloy wheels standard certifications are important and should be prominently displayed by the alloy wheel manufacturer.