Alloy Wheels Fitment Terms

Alloy Wheels Fitment Terms

When dealing with alloy wheels it is very important to know and understand the various phrases and terminologies used with regard to alloy wheels and their construction. Without a good grasp of these technical terms, you could easily purchase the wrong alloy wheels for your vehicle. The following definitions should help you determine the exact alloy wheels size you need:

Bolt Holes – the number of holes that the alloy wheel studs go through on your alloy wheels. There are 4-bolt, 5-bolt, 6-bolt and on up, so it is wise to count the number of lug nuts holding the alloy wheels to the studs.

ET Figure – this tells you whether your alloy wheels have an inset, offset or neither one. Basically it is the distance (measured in millimeters) from the alloy wheels rim center to the mounting face plate.

HUB – is the center part of the alloy wheel.

P.C.D. – Pitch Circle Diameter is the alloy wheel bolt spacing or basically an imaginary circle which passes through the center of each bolt hole.

*Alloy Wheels Fitment Terms; Ensure you do your own due diligence and speak to an Alloy wheel specialist before fitting wheels to your car.