Alloy Wheels – The Finishes Available

Once you have determined which process of alloy wheels cast wheels you need, your next decision is the type of finish you would require. Alloy wheels come in a variety of finishes depending upon the taste and desired effect you are seeking. The following information describes the different alloy wheel finishes offered by Kulcha Wheels:

Painted Alloy Wheels (Silver or Black) – in a similar process to painting a car, painted finish alloy wheels offer customers a smooth surface and color coordination.

Powder Coated Alloy Wheels (Silver or Black) – this process involved spraying the wheel with a dry powder and then baking the coated alloy wheels until the powder melts into a finish similar to paint but far more durable and wearable.

Hyper Silver or Hyper Black Alloy Wheels – is a hi-gloss reflective finish that is applied onto the alloy wheels in the same manner as the standard painted finish.

Polished Alloy Wheels – this finish involves machining and polishing the raw alloy wheels to a brilliant shine. Then the highly polished alloy wheels are cleared coated and sealed in order to protect the shine.

Mirror Alloy Wheels – is a continuation or elevation of the polished finish by bringing the shine of the raw alloy wheels from polished to a mirror-like appearance. As with the polished alloy wheels, the mirror finish alloy wheels are clear coated in order to protect the beauty and shine.

Gunmetal Alloy Wheels – is a metallic grey paint finish. Most Gunmetal finish alloy wheels can be either painted or powder coated and most are topped off with a clear coat finish for durability.

Chrome Alloy Wheels – true chrome-plating is a process whereby the alloy wheels are electro-plated with the metallic reflective materials adhere to the alloy wheels permanently. Once the chrome-plating is complete, the alloy wheels are buffed to bring out the sheen of the chrome and then clear coated to protect the finish.