Alloy Wheel Mold

Alloy Wheel Mold – Frequently Asked Questions

Alloy Wheel Mold – We have compiled a list of typical questions first time customers ask us, so take some time to browse through them to see if they answer your questions in advance…We have covered some of the following topics below but feel free to drop us a line.

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1. What is the minimum order quantity or MOQ for your alloy wheels?
– MOQ 120pcs if we have alloy wheels of your design in stock.
– If stock is available, you may choose from stock pile of the available quantity. We have access to over 100k alloy wheels in stock

2. What is the warranty on your wheels?
-The alloy wheels have passed VIA/TS16949 authentication, if there is an accident due to the quality alloy wheels, we will compensate for the customer according the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law 3.

3. What are the tooling charges for the different size alloy wheel molds?
Low-pressure alloy wheel mold:

Gravity alloy wheel mold:

4. Are you willing to make the tooling for the mold for free or if not do you return the money for the tooling for the mold after manufacturing a certain quantity of wheels?
-We will return the mold costs when the order quantity target is reach.
-Low-press molds 17”-19” get 4000pcs/mold 20”-24” got 3500pcs/mold
-Gravity molds 17”-19” get 2800pcs/mold 20”-24” get 2000pcs/mold

5. Do you charge to put our logo in the center cap?
Yes! There are charges applicable to this service and although it is possible it’s very rarely executed, so feel free to ask for a quote.

6. What is your price per wheel in the different finishing?
As you can imagine we have over 500 styles to choose from and a variety of sizes and variations to work with, so we only produce prices based on order requests and do not supply general guideline prices.

7. What type of packaging do you provide?
All alloy wheels is packed in a plain white carton with the alloy wheel serial numbers and the alloy wheel fitments for you to recognize when you unpack them at your end, saving you the hassle of looking through them all.

8. What are your certifications?
The factories we use are certified with JWL, VIA, TS16949, & TUV, feel free to ask our staff for details.

9. What process of aluminum casting do you use?
Forged, Low-pressure and gravity (we are working on liquid forged wheels, so watch this space)

If you have other questions about our Alloy Wheels please let us know.

Alloy Wheel Mold