Alloy Wheels Distributors

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Alloy Wheel Distributors

Kulcha Wheels is a wholesale alloy wheels distributors based in Singapore in the heart of Asia. Our job is to deal directly with all the major factories across the region giving to individuals and companies the ability to access more than 1,000 designs and over 100,000 vehicle wheels in stock. Our family run company was established in 2002 and since then has proven to be the leading distributor in alloy wheels and tire market, because we choose to offer only the best products made by numerous major Asian alloy wheels manufacturers. If you combine that with the state of art customer service, for which we are renowned, you can easily understand why Kulcha Wheels is one of the most successful alloy wheels distributors in Asia

We know that today finding components and parts of first class quality can be a daunting task for companies and individuals, especially when looking to combine affordable prices and high standards. Aluminium alloy wheels and rims or forged alloy wheels are preferred by the car savvy today due to the harmonious blend of high quality, extreme durability and enhanced handling operation, but in most cases are sold in prohibiting price range for the ordinary buyers and low budget selling companies.

Considering the needs and requirements of this category, which is by default the majority of the population in all countries, both in Asia but also in Europe and America, we started our business having as a goal to meet all needs, for individuals and companies, by distributing in reasonable and affordable prices the alloy and chrome wheels. Alloy wheels distributors are forming a lucrative market and we are proud to be the pioneers and market leaders in this aspect.

Offering dirt cheap rims and tires is not necessarily synonymous to low quality, for Kulcha Wheels something such as degraded product does not exist, as our goal is to make the products reachable and available to everyone who is interested in them, offering bulk discounts, cheap tires wheels packages or even seasonal sales, so as to keep the prices always low enough for all budgets and pockets. We can proudly pass the benefit of working with the best and most dependable manufacturers in Asia to our customers, offering wholesale alloy wheels in significantly subsided cost, without any compromise in quality. As One of Asia’s largest alloy wheels distributors we insist on that because it is our primary goal to ensure high quality above everything else and assist all of you, who don’t have the needed sources to buy high priced packages, in your effort to enhance the looks and driving performance of your

Wholesale Alloy Wheel Distributors

What you will find at Kulcha Wheels

In Kulcha Wheels, the solutions offered are categorized not only by industry and manufacturer but also by type, appreciating your time and need to find what you are specifically looking for. We hope to invite you not only to do business with us but also share your opinion and direct your needs to us, so we can assist you with our leverage knowledge in the field of wheels and tires distribution. Our customer care and service is notorious and definitely for good reason.

Wheel Types Available

There are many types of wheels available, ranging from the low pressure to liquid forged ones : Gravity finish, forged, one or three pieces chrome rims and a large selection of alloy wheels are available for you in Kulcha, along with an efficient and comprehensive number of information and tips on the alloy wheels and their functionality : The KC series , the KF with impressive chrome ,silver and black finishes, or the KV alloy wheels series with the state of art looks and functionality wheels are waiting for you and your customers.

We acknowledge that alloy wheels today are very popular and desired pieces of attraction for those who love their cars and for the companies that make this dream of upgrading the looks and driving performance of vehicles become true, so we always try to think ahead and keep abreast of our company’s and clients’ needs and tastes, so as to provide you with the most flexible and efficient designs and styles ; you can find the best Audi rims, or the most stylish BMW wheels and Mercedes rims in Kulcha, because we understand that you need to complement an impressive car with an equally efficient aesthetically wheel solution…..and we have it for you.


Kulcha Wheels are confident at leading alloy wheels distributors so we offer you the chance to check the quality of alloy wheels by up fronting samples so that you can be assured of the quality in detail that characterizes the products we distribute. You can contact us today so that you can benefit from our value for money alloy wheels and provide your customers, in turn, the famous Kulcha alloy wheels and tires.

Our mission and Vision are: To provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices, with the most comprehensive and effective service and continue to be the leading alloy wheels distributors in Asia.

Wholesale Alloy Wheel Distributors

Alloy Wheels Distributors that care about your business as much as their own!